Sunday, November 30, 2014

YMCA New hires

This is an interview for the YMCA Richmond, part of my Organizational Behavior class MGMT 319.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keri Smith

I have seen these books numerous times, especially at shops like Urban Oufitter. I am sure you have noticed "finish this book" or "wreck this journal"?  If not, go look for them.  because I also just found these on the new books section at the library.  Keri Smith is an illustrator, educator, self-motivational writer, who believes "Play" is an essential aspect of living. I found it really interesting that I stumbled to another of her books today, because we have been speaking about play in art and events in art define experience in my philosophy class.  Her work encourages the readers to explore, and to become their own author in the book and in life.  She is really worth checking out if you get a chance, or need inspiration.  This is a gallery from other readers on her website, it is quite cool.  Although her Pic of the day says "I am not a Brand", I think she has created a very specific persona for herself and her work- much like a brand of a company- but hers is much less corporation-like, and more fun!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scotland artists- wildlife centric

I went on a 4 day backpacking trip through Perthshire. There were cute galleries and museums that I stopped at on the way, these were some of the artists that stood out to me.

Some of the most detailed, amazing, photorealistic watercolors I have ever seen belong to the Artist Brian W Edwards.  Very colorful, tiny brush strokes; I did not realize this was even possible with watercolors but he mastered it. Most of his work is Nature, and furthermore Scottish nature.
 (the ducks one is the one that got me) More

Jonathan Sainsbury also does watercolors and charcoals.  His are mostly portraits of Scottish animals, and the works in pictures aren't as awesome as in person.  One work that is my favorite was one that was commisioned- "Black Face Sheep" Particularly because it reigns in Tradition, and I love that Tree.
Sainsbury Website

Richard Robjent was featured in the same gallery, and yes, He has watercolors and also Giclee prints.  The landscapes are largely Scottish and feature Scottish animals. He is Publisher as well as artist- he did several studies of pheasants, woodcocks, etc. You can preview them here.

I think I really liked this whole gallery because it really was showing off the "Country" traditions of Scotland- Particularly the highlands ( although I was technically in Perthshire).

This artist, Jessie White, was a bit less Traditionally Scottish. She is a contemporary art painter.  Her work really stood out because of its amazing texture- the oils are laid on really thick and create a surreal world.  I can see a scene but really she leaves it for the viewer to interpret. I could post all of her pictures.... instead I will introduce you to her iste where you can purchase these beauties. Buy me one?

Of Course the next one is also wildlife. and photorealistic... But this one is Acrylic! Yes this curator of the gallery must really have a strong opinion of what represents scotland in the best way. Andrew Hutchinson has very detailed acrylics of farm life- not so much wildlife.  His work can be viewed: Here.

The next artist does have wildlife and also has landscapes, but she uses very bright colors and gives everything an abstracted, almost cubist effect.  This would be a style to try in one of my own animations- I really love how fun and energetic her work is. Audrey Slorance is from Dundee, where I study! woo! Here is a sample- her name is her website.

alright so one last wildlife painter: Terence Lambert.

He is a painter, although he has a lot of underwater paintings which sets him apart from some of the other wildlife painters I have posted. I like the way he handles Light- it has a stronger feel.  Also really photorealistic! He is very Passionate, read about him here !

Continuing the fish theme I wanted to post about Sam MacDonald. He uses metal but in a way that I personally have never seen before. THe colors are awesome, he creates a painting and a sculpture all at once. I highly recommend checking out his work.

Continuing down the Metal work path I want to show you Patricia Northcroft. Her work is very cute, uses animals from scotland and freezes them in small bronze sculptures.  James Sweeney created some work at this gallery too- we weren't allowed to take pictures but was nature-centric sculpture work as well- I can't find him online though. Maybe you can leave it in a comment :)

The most original work in the gallery were these driftwood sculptures by James Doran Webb.  He had a lifesize stag (? maybe moose?) whatever horse style animal it was, it was huge.  and the texture was awesome! These were made out of driftwood! it was really big and really tempting to touch it.... but I didn't.  They are really cool sculptures using wood in a way that I hadn't seen much.  Except the Heather that the Scottish dye to make gemstones, I don't think I have seen it at all actually.

The last two were in a different gallery in Perthshire, of which I can not find photographs.  I When I saw "Tartan Fan" by Honeyman,  I didn't realize until going really close that this wasn't actually stitched- it was painted. I love the idea of transformation through varying levels of mediations and repetition.  More repetitions sets the viewer apart even farther, which creates a really uncomfortable feeling. There is a photo and discussion here:  See his interview  Susan Cowie is another artist I can't find pictures for.  Her work involved textiles and embroidery experimenting- I found quite interesting to view as well.

Furgusson and Morris

In Perth Margaret Morris and JD Furgusson have a gallery: Furgusson Museum website.
I went here and I was inspired by the compositions of the photography and paintings. Also the clothing was suiting to the performances that had been recorded- at least from the ones I saw.  the photos created some really interesting tension between bodies, while the clothing looks so loose and forgiving.  There was a unique balance in this work. I can upload pictures from my sketchbook since I didnt take photos.. and I can't find them anywhere online.

Murray Grigor

Grigor is a filmmaker, but I actually came upon him by his 2D photo collage work in Aberfeldy's gallery at Watermill bookstore.
The exhibition is titled Scotia Depicta, it started as postcards to friends. I find the  work quirky and humorous  but also interesting.

check out what is in the Herald.

David Mach

David Mach
I find Mach's use of material very interesting, I originally was inspired by magazine use as I am interested in Recycling. But largely his work uses unconventional materials. I love "jesus college portfolio" the last picture. It is comprised of several duplicate images. I find it really interesting that the same material can be repeated and changed and manipulated into something completely different than it originally was.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One more..

Lady Gaga was the theme of one of my finals!! Check out her new video that she directed.